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We fish whole year round so we have fresh seasonal fish daily. In order to organize a steady supply to our clients during peaks, we also work closely with local fishermen. Our awarded Ekström-smoked salmon products include hot and cold smoked, flamed and grav lax. We always salt our products by hand with sea salt and smoke our fish with alder tree. Smoking process is long and traditional, local centuries old from Hanko, the Southernmost point of Finland. The catch is processed fresh, every morning. We are working closely with food authorities to improve generally the traceability of fish in Europe. We have very flexible delivery organized to grocery stores and restaurants all over the country.


Fresh fish, Cold-smoked fish, Hot-smoked fish, Raw pickled fish, Roe and shellfish, Atlantic and Baltic herring, Frozen goods, Pickles, Canned foods.

Bruxelles 2013 Finalist

The Seafood Prix d'Elite Competition was created to recognize the best new seafood products of the year developed for the European market.


-among the freshest and tastiest salmon products in the world

Ekström Seafood presents its special EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM concept for smoking fish and preparing grav lax, which guarantees the highest level of premium quality while keeping with tradition. Only real alder logs are used in the smoking, which is a method that has been used for several generations. The result is one of the tastiest and freshest salmon products in the world.


Lightly smoked using alder logs and specially prepared in accordance to a centuries old custom only found on the southern coast of Finland. The salmon is prepared with a harmonious blend of spices and the consistency is silky and melts in the mouth.


Quality is guaranteed by choosing the best ingredients from the purest Arctic waters, which is said to produce the best salmon. All the salmon we smoke is filleted by hand in our state-of-the-art facility.


Prepared according to a traditional Scandinavian recipe, with particular care being given to the small details, in order to obtain the highest quality possible. The salmon is preserved in a mixture of salt and pepper and garnished with the finest herbs and spices.


men have smoked fish in Hanko for centuries

The route eastward from the Viking city of Birka was found by Danish Vikings in 1050. That is when Hanko became a well-known meeting place and crossroads.

The Ekström family started their first smoking house in the area. Fish was cleaned out in the smoking house right after it was brought to land, before it was smoked. The fish was dried, dry-salted and smoked using alder logs, and these methods are still in use today.

The Ekström family is one of the few who have carried the old traditions to this day. The fish is of the highest quality and packed under strict hygienic guideliness by professionals in our ultramodern facility. Our strict quality control is enforced under HACCP-guidelines.



Come and visit our excellent café and restaurant. På Kroken is located right next to the sea, so you'll always enjoy freshly caught fish with your meals.


Magnus Ekström

CEO/Owner/Smoke Master

Svetlana Ekström

Owner/Sales Russia

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Samu Seppälä

Sales Manager

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Petri Turunen


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Kenneth Strandberg

Production Manager

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